A unique game that encourages children with and without disabilities to play together.

Joy'n Play

What's in a game pack

joy'n play

Our four pillars

Encouraging playing together

Playing together is more fun than playing alone. Joy'n Play invites children to play together. The game encourages social interaction and motor skills tailored to each child.

Every child is unique

With Joy'n Play, every child is allowed and able to develop playfully in their own way and at their own pace. We designed it together with children and supervisors.

Creativity as an advantage

Joy'n Play stimulates imagination. It is expandable with other play plates that can maximise children's abilities. Maybe you will invent a new Joy'n Play play plate for your child? Will you share your play in our community?That way we will create even more playtime fun together.

Sustainable and social

Joy'n Play was developed in Belgium and manufactured in Europe. Joy'n Play is assembled in custom-made companies and creates meaningful work for people with fewer opportunities in the labour market. We are proud of that too.

discover the different game options

Depending on the situation and participants, there are a lot of varied game options.

Encouraging movement

Encouraging movement

Put some coloured balls in the shell and give the participant a task for each game. E.g. Make all the balls spin around, Try to get the red ball out of the shell by moving. Catch the magnetic ball with the stick. Variant: give all children a different task.

Creative with paint

Creative with paint

Put paper inside the shell as a support. Have one child hold a brush while the other moves the shell. Variant: dip marbles in paint, put them in the shell and move on them.

Combination game

Combination game

The ergonomic stick allows children with and without (physical) disabilities play together around the shell. Give the players (with and without the stick) different tasks, so the game remains challenging for all parties.

Hand- oog coördinatie

Hand- oog coördinatie

Practice on hand-eye coordination with the labyrinth game. Mount the football players on the game board, place a ball in the shell and let the participants practise by giving different tasks. Eg Take turns each making a goal, slalom around the blue players,...

Making music / sound

Making music / sound

Place balls or other things that make noise in the shell and let users move with the shell. TIP Start with 'silent' materials such as rice, sand,... and evolve to louder objects.



The shell can serve as a 'container' for different materials. Fill the shell with water, sand or other tactile materials to experiment. The shell is designed so that it can be used outdoors and is easy to clean.

Educational aspect

Educational aspect

Use the castle game plate to learn to count together. Let the children put the number of knights on the plate while playfully counting the little guys. Version: Learning words

Fantasy game

Fantasy game

Provide a themed map and attach it to the plate. You can print this out, have them draw it themselves or use the current scene from the plate. Let children play a fantasy game by adding dolls or other elements, e.g. race track, knight/princess story,... TIP You can use existing lego or playmobil.

Be creative!

Be creative!

Let your creative brain run wild and discover for yourself how endless the play possibilities are with Joy'n Play.

some cases

We would like to take a moment to let these experts by experience.

"Having a say in the course of the game ."

"Super how this game meets the needs of children with disabilities to have full control in the game themselves!"

This is something that does not come naturally to them.


Sofie Serroen

TEACHER- Dominiek Savio 

" He spontaneously sits down among the other children."

Some prototypes of the Joy'n Play were tested in our classroom and they were very well received. Bas is a boy who has a very hard time playing together. He usually limits playing together to one friend. It gave me immense pleasure to see him spontaneously sitting around the shell among the other children.

Carine Spruytte

Occupational therapist - Dominiek Savio 

"Super how many game options Joy'n play offers"

How quickly you transform a sandbox into a playing field or a race track ... impressive. Especially when half an hour after it became a cradle for the dolls. 

Infinite possibilities that we are still discovering each time.


Lukas Costeur

Dad of Felix & Elisabeth


for a full game pack

Joy'n Play game pack

1 durable shell

1 extension pole

1 speelplaat – thema: voetbal/kasteel

1 set of magnetic game balls

1 set of themed figures

? 249,00 

Would you rather test it first?

As an organisation, do you wish to discover Joy'n Play's game options yourself? No problem! You can request a trial model.


Frequently asked questions... and their answers

Dimensions : height 30cm, diameter 70cm

Weight : 5 kg

1-4 people can sit around the shell. The number of players is free to choose, usually depending on the game or applications.

This is a sturdy material that will not scratch tiles or other hard floors. Be careful with delicate surfaces such as parquet, laminate,...

There is an opportunity to discover the wonderful world of Joy'n play with a test model. You can request one here. Have fun playing!

The possibilities with Joy'n play are endless (We kid you not!). We challenge you to let your creative brain work to discover fun applications for yourself.

Need inspiration? Here you will find some game options that have already provided a lot of gaming fun.

Still have questions? We'll be happy to help.


Interesting documents that can guide you in using Joy'n play.

Manual + brochure

Looking for some intelligence and additional explanations?

64 MB – Versie 1.1

Logo and images

Need our logo or some beautiful images?

160 MB Mb – Augustus 2020

” Een nauwe samenwerking tussen doelgroep en makers. “

The focus of this project is inclusion. Getting children with and without disabilities to play together. A challenge on many levels!

Joy'n Play is the outcome of a close collaboration between creators and target audience facilitated by Pilipili, Cera and RVO-Society.

We invite everyone around our yellow shell for an active, educational, musical, fantastic,... game.

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