Combination door handle
for people with wandering behaviour

What is TWO?

A simple and efficient solution!

The TWO door handle creates a physical barrier for persons with wandering behaviour. It prevents a person from opening a door that should not be opened by him/her.

How does the door handle work?

To open the door, 2 consecutive actions must be performed. Only then can you open the door.

1. On the front of the latch, press the round button inwards

2. Hold down the button and push the lever down.

3. Open the door

This combined action is difficult to perform by persons with dementia or wandering behaviour. In this way, they are prevented from entering a room.

What do we solve?

A commonly seen problem.

People with wandering behaviour sometimes unwittingly enter other residents' rooms or 'forbidden' areas.

This causes frustration for the patient and caregiver. It sometimes puts the person in question at risk themselves.

Two is a simple solution that brings peace of mind to both patient and care staff.

Why choose TWO?

Discover all the advantages of the combination door handle.

Applicable on every door.

Applicable on every door.

The TWO door handle exists in 2 versions, both for a left- and right-handed door.

Quick to assemble

Quick to assemble

Using a clear 9-step assembly guide, the latch can be easily assembled.

Minimal adaptation to existing infrastructure

No adaptation to existing infrastructure

The latch can be installed on any door without any adjustments to the infrastructure.

Simple solution

Simple solution

The TWO door handle is a mechanical solution and therefore does not require a power supply.

Appealing design

Appealing design

The latch is designed to look like a normal latch. The design is attractive and universal.



The TWO door handle is always mounted on the outside of the door. This way, the resident can always leave the room.


A lot of organisations are already using this solution.

"Residents find their peace again."

The residents who had to deal with wandering residents at night and sometimes got very anxious or angry. Because of TWO they have also found their peace again.

Tina Van Beveren

Carehome Klein Brabant.

"The latch is perceived as 'super'."

Anja Van Gompel

De Witte Mol

" She likes to open doors..."

My mentally disabled daughter enjoys opening doors and exploring in territory that is unsafe for her. Until now, we had to make do with closing doors or using a ball as a knob. That knob, in turn, was difficult and awkward for people with less muscle strength in their hands.

I recently fitted the TWO door handle from Pendulum Care as a trial. We were quickly convinced, the TWO door handle is what we needed.

Geert Geerardyn


"Users and staff were very excited"

Kristine Baert

Team leader De Kering, Zele


The TWO received 2 design awards; the prestigious design IF gold & Henry Van de Velde awards.
That is how the jury's verdict sounded:

"This double-action door handle impresses with its discreet and overall sense of simplicity, quality and finish. It provides just the right degree of resistance and security without inhibiting carers and other users who do not want to be bothered by locks or bolts. 

Well thought out with a focus on positive soft care without stigmatisation for the intended user."

Technical specifications

Discover all the extras about the two-door handle here.

Left-hand or right-hand door handle?

Which handle fits my door ?

We have both a left- and right-handed version of the TWO door handle. Important: The TWO door handle should only be mounted on the outside of a room.

left-hand door handle

right-hand door handle


TWO door handle

Handle + mounting kit
(Choice of left or right-hand latch)

? 110,-

btw incl. – verzending excl.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions... and their answers

Eerst even testen?

We geven graag de mogelijkheid de TWO deurklink even uit te testen.

Laat ons Here weten wat en wanneer je wenst uit te proberen.

The latch fits any 'normal' interior door. If required, we will gladly send you a test latch.

1x door handle 1x mounting plate wood or connection screws 1x adjusting screw 1x manual

screwdriver Allen wrench nr2

Download to manual online soon

Coming soon online

the TWO door handle must ONLY be mounted on the OUTSIDE of the room. TWO must not be mounted on the inside of the room for the sake of resident safety.

Still have questions? We'll be happy to help.