Meaningful products that add value
for user and environment.

Why did pendulum come into existence? 

We find that there are a lot of unanswered questions in the healthcare industry.

With pendulum we try to find the right answer together with the user.



The mobile snoozing solution that brings a multi-sensory experience in one's own familiar environment.

Snoezle exists in different themes with corresponding light programming and sound fragments.

Joy'n Play

A unique game container that encourages children with and without disabilities to play together.

The yellow shell is enhanced with games in different themes. The game package brings fun, challenges at different levels and promotes inclusion.


The TWO door handle creates a physical barrier for persons with wandering behavior. Opening the door requires 2 consecutive actions that are difficult for persons with dementia to perform.

TWO prevents a person from opening a door that should not be opened by him/her.

For healthcare...

A unique audience

With pendulum we offer an answer to unanswered questions in the healthcare sector. Our goal is to design meaningful products that add value for the user, caregiver and environment.

We succeed in responding to the specific questions and needs by putting the user at the center of each project. We enter into a partnership with the user of the product, so to speak.


...through care.

A unique implementation

We also appeal to this same unique audience during elaboration and production of our products.

We work together with several tailoring companies such as 't veer and Westlandia who take care of assembly, assembly, confection, etc. Various profiles are trained to perform the various tasks.

The final product is literally developed for and by healthcare , a meaningful product flow!

The reason why we do this?

Because we want to

We want our product to add value.
This for the user, caregiver and the environment.
In any context.
With any setup.


We are pendulum!

Pendulum is a collaboration between Pilipili's design team, the user and external partners.