When things are no longer understood, you have to make them feel.

Aimé, the duomobile.

Move and sing along!

In all its simplicity, the duo-mobile is very special. After all, the product enables people to move in duo for the first time: a person with or without dementia takes the person with dementia with them in the spinning movement with their feet or hands.

By feel, the accompanying person can adjust the speed and direction of movement to what is feasible for the fellow user.

An impactful product
for a wide audience.

The duomobile can be used for a broad target group. An elderly person, a person with dementia or someone undergoing rehabilitation? Everyone benefits from movement and a touch of music.

As an attendant, you can adjust the speed and direction of movement adjust to what is feasible for your resident.

Motivation assured: Only when motion is detected, music plays and users can sing along to songs "from the old days."

With a positive effect.

Not only physically but also mentally!

Aimé's features

There are two foot pedals per person with simple velcro strips to "fix" the feet. 

The wheels at the bottom make the duomobile easy to move.

A handle makes it easy to move the duomobile.

The speaker plays music from a USB-C stick or from your own playlist via Bluetooth.

The pedals can be replaced with handles.
This way, it is also possible to turn with the hands while Aimé is standing on a table.

How it began.

What can you still share together when your partner suffers from dementia and is no longer able to speak? Aimé Houbracken invented the duomobile: twice a day he and his wife Mia "cycled" together for more than five years.

When Aimé was told by physiotherapists that Mia had Alzheimer's and needed to move as much as possible to stay mobile, he did not see this as a problem but as a challenge. He got to work and in 2012 made a first prototype that he used to move Mia every time. 

Pendulum got completely hot on the idea and, together with Aimé, built it further. He was there when the first prototype was tested and watched with pride as the product continued to take shape.

Aimé and Mia have since passed away but his duomobile continues to live on under his name.

Some testimonials:

Everyone here is super excited!
The residents are really enjoying it!


People in more advanced stages of dementia who are otherwise difficult to reach see you come out of their world for a moment, sea beautiful and touching to see!

When the partner cycles along and they sing together you see back the connection, love, warmth, affection... really beautiful!

St. Vincent de Paul Kortrijk (B), 

The residents brighten up completely when Aimé is started.
Not only the person who moves,
but also the others sing along.

Person X,

It is blissful to be able to
be able to connect with my grandmother.

She is often absent but together
moving with Aimé gives us
nice moments.

Sara Devos,
Cycles with her grandmother


'Yes our moe can no longer
get it said, but she still shows us
how much virtue she derives from this
moving together.

Aimé Houbracken,
Cycled with his wife Mia.

Want a demo or more info on Aimé?

Frequently Asked Questions

... and their answers

What is Aimé for?
Aimé is a "duo-mobile," which is a product that allows people for the first time to work in duo
move. Turn Aimé in motion and enjoy the songs from the days of yore, or your own playlist!
Motivation assured, because only when you move does music play across the room.


Can I put my own music on the duomobile?

Yes, just connect your smartphone via Bleutooth to Aimé and sing!

Can the duomobile also be used with the hands?

Aimé can be used with both hands and feet.

The pedals can be detached with a simple click and replaced with handles.

By placing Aimé on a table, you can move the device with the arms.

Can you move Aimé easily?

Aimé is very easy to move around.

The handles and wheels at the bottom make it very easy to move Aimé around. Aimé can be stored upright or carried in an elevator.

Can I test Aimé out sometime?

Gladly!!! Request your demo moment with an email at info@pendulum.be

Other questions? Let us know!

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